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Whole-istic, efficient workplace wellness programs,
services and education for optimal performance.



What makes us different?

We have successfully filled in the gaps of other wellness service providers by fully addressing the bio-psyco-social-spiritual aspects. To clarify, spirituality in this context means, your sense of self.

We are now offering this to the corporate environment.

The Friends of CHI Healthy Work Membership Program works with realistic budgets, industry or size of organisation.

We work with you to seamlessly integrate into your workplace with insights and innovations to increase work performance with minimum fuss.

If you already have a current wellness provider, we can collaborate with them.



Friends of CHI Corporate Wellness Membership

You are invited to experience our unique Professional Development Education and Experiential Program which incorporates Lifestyle Medicine that can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Corporate/Event Massages
  • Various Wellness Workshops & Classes
  • Retreats
  • Family/Community Events
  • Team Building & Corporate Events
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Phone Support & other forms of ongoing support AND MORE!



Our practitioners, clinicians, consultants, trainers and facilitators are:

  • tertiary qualified, through to Doctorate level
  • industry specific specialists
  • proven track record



CHI Corporate Wellness Membership includes

  • Membership Features

    Our vibrant, premium qualified and experienced massage practitioners deliver MORE than just a massage, they are also:

    • skilled in building rapport with your team
    • skilled in assessing the health and wellness needs of your team and are mentored by the CHI Lead Clinician
    • LIVE the CHI Flow Program (we walk the talk!)
    • Life/Work/Motivational Coaches
    • Yoga/Tai Chi/Fitness/Mindfulness trainers
    • Meditation facilitators and MORE.
  • Membership Benefits

    • Activate your team’s highest potential
    • Effective Trauma Recovery Programs
    • Increased Optimal Work Performance
    • Optimal Wellness Specialists
    • Workplace Burnout Recovery
    • Workplace Burnout-PROOF
    • Emotional and Mental Resilience
    • Respectful Relationships
    • Positive ripple effect on family and community members of you and your team
    • Proceeds go towards the CHI charitable works.

    BONUS: Employees learn to be accountable and take responsibility for their own personal wellness goals.


A sneak peak of areas we cover:

  • Leadership

    Training in areas of:

    • Business/Wellness Coaching
    • Corporate Culture Change
    • Corporate Retreats
    • and MORE!
  • Wellness

    Workshops/Programs in areas of:

    • Medicinal Lifestyle Action Packs
    • Work/Life Balance
    • CHI Flow Mechanics
    • Brain Integration
    • Nutrition (Cutting Edge)
    • Individualised Weight Loss Programs
    • Resilience/Emotional Regulation
    • Specialist Trauma Recovery Programs
    • Men’s and Women’s Health
    • and MORE!
  • Workplace Ergonomics

    • Workstation Assessments
    • Ergonomics Workshops/Training
    • Functional Fitness
    • and MORE!
  • Corporate Health

    Classes in areas of:

    • Qi Gong / Tai Chi / Yoga
    • Mindfulness/Meditation
    • Controlled Relaxation
    • Martial Arts
    • Pilates
    • and MORE!
  • Team Building

    Programs in areas of:

    • Laughter Yoga
    • Conscious Relating
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Energetic Engineering
    • and MORE!
  • Corporate Massage

    Programs designed for:

    • Corporate Massage
    • Office Massage
    • Conferences & Event Massages
    • Seated Massages

    Solutions for those who cannot have massages are available! Just ask us HOW.


The proof is in the results

Our CHI Flow Program is unique, thoroughly tested to post doctorate level, easy to follow and, unlike any other wellness program you have encountered before.

We reveal how each part of the day influences aspects of one's mind, body, emotions, and highest potential for joy, productivity and success. 

Participants learn how and when they are able to work hard, work smart, chill out and more.

We demonstrate the what, when, how and whys. Once applied, your team and your organisation as a whole will experience the benefits. And this is just the beginning.


How do I get started?





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10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday
After Hours by appointment


9 Langwells Parade
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